Cosmic Energy India Pvt Ltd. was established in the year 2005. The founder of the company is Mr.Tejas Raval.

Cosmic Energy Pvt Ltd. is the first spiritual facility provider Pvt Ltd company in India which has entered in corporate field to fulfill the requirements of the people and to solve their problems.

With a huge cliental base, company has expanded it’s business all over the globe and with it’s excellent work pattern, we have served multitudes of people from around the world.

The word “cosmic energy’ itself states positive energy; it helps to wipe off all the negative energies and motivates to rise in life with positive mind frame and positive energies and so is the aim of Cosmic Energy India Pvt Ltd.


The purpose of the company is to provide excellent products and services, and to enhance relationship and profitability of the clients.

To make our company the place that exceeds the expectations of our esteemed clients.

The mission of our company is to deliver effective, efficient, respectful with integrity and accountability using both proven and innovative methods.

  • We believe in treating our customers with respect and faith.
  • We believe in growing through building goodwill and valuable relationships with our clients.
  • We believe in integrating honesty and integrity in business ethics
  • Expansion of the company in the field of science and astrolgy and develop a strong base for our customers.
  • Offer products and service packages that are prices appropriately for all segments of the market.
  • To build good reputation and become a key player in the field of science and astrology.


It is a service we provide for profitable business. The four factor of business cycle following works properly then getting success is always obvious.

  1.  Opportunity
  2. Conversion of opportunity into work
  3. Completion of work without any obstacles
  4. Achieving of wealth

We work in a way that at right time , using right Mantra  – Tantra , that it helps to generate opportunities in your life, then conversion of those opportunities in work , completion of work without any obstacles and lastly gaining wealth.

Note :

Consultation fees for this can be charged as per depth knowledge and expertise in astrology.

Tejas Raval provide the most accurate and effective astro solutions.

People can opt for Phone Consultation.

Face-to-Face Consultation can also be chosen as per customer’s own convenience.

Consultation can also be availed through an E-mail.

Information regarding the detailed analysis of your horoscope with some suggested remedial measures will be provided during consultation with the astrologer.