Cosmic Energy is a world full of positive vibrations which goes to the depth of our soul. The science of Mantra Tantra Yantra is a medicine to all of our personal and financial problems. Cosmic Energy is the Life Force, this cosmic energy is essential to maintain the order of our life and to expand our consciousness. Cosmic energy is the base of all our actions and functions.

Cosmic Energy India Pvt Ltd. Works through the spirituality. With the help of this Website Cosmic Energy India Pvt Ltd. will provide solutions of your problems with the help of Mantra-Tantra-Yantra which is Science and not Superstition by some auspicious Yantras, Gemstones and Puja Vidhi-Vidhan, where you can easily find your needful tool to help you out solving personal, financial, etc… problems of your life and fill your life with happiness, joy and peace.










Shailesh Thakkar

Apart from you being a gentleman, I feel you have revolutionize the concept of the word Tantra. We as a layman always are fearful,however after meeting you ,I find that the society should know its real aspects.I being personally convinced on the power of mantras having my own trust of Shree Kastbhanjandev Satsang charitable Trust, I really adorn your knowledge on the power of Mantras. I myself have been benefited through your guidance on the Power of Kuber Mantra. I went on doing the same as per your guidance and today I am a CEO with a reputed organisation .Top of it your confident and soothing voice have always motivated me for facing the trouble. Once such occasion I remember when our Visa to Australia were rejected. During that time I phoned you and in a minute you said "Mil Jayega". You wont believe we got it in 24 hours.Apart form this you have a habit of giving tips on many things which have worked positively for me.

Purvi Gajjar

Doctors are the people who believe more in medicines than miracles. But my Mother is one in million who survived from Multi organ failure and doctors aren’t hesitant to call her “A classic case of survival.” During that difficult time the medical science wasn’t alone to revive her longevity but her struggle was back up by Cosmic Science performed by Tejasji. He has given us particular Mantra to chant and he also performed pooja to strengthen her recovery. He has refined our understanding and believes in Cosmic Science. Tejasji is highly convincing without attempting to convince.

Roshani Rami

It was during those days when we were suffering from financial crisis. One of my brother’s friend suggested us to go and meet his astrologer . Me and my father went to meet him and then after the good changes have started in our life, that astrologer was none other than Mr. Tejas Rawal the magical men came into our life and also did magic in our life, the magic is of his mantras. I know people of this generation will not believe, but its my own experience which I would liketoshare. Tejas bhai gave us “Kuber Mantra” and I started kuber mantra according to his advice and I saw the results from the very 1st day, our business which was completely disturbed it comes on track. It starts giving you new vision and opportunities. Since 6 years I’m knowing tejas bhai and now the situation is like we need tejas bhai’s advice and suggestion in all our important matters whether it is financial or personal, we don’t move ahead without his green signal. I’m grateful to tejas bhai for giving us his precious time, blessings and guidance.

Nehal Dixit

Approximately Four years back, when I met Mr Tejas Raval, I was all together very different person. The situation in my life was such that I had entirely lost my confidence and direction of life. My past experiences were hurting me repeatedly and it was difficult time for me overcoming the circumstances. Looking at me, my situation and recollecting my actual personality, Mr. Tejas had immediately made up his mind, giving proper solution to me. His vision and experience told him that, this girl could come over the situation looking life ahead and for that he must help me. The solution, he proposed was taken positively by me and I started following his instructions regarding chanting few Mantras very sincerely and regularly. After certain time, I really felt the difference. The confidence, motivation and inspiration what I had lost in life are seemed coming back in to me and I again started growing as per my actual personality. Today, I am quite successful professional and happy person. Everything is going very well and I still chant those Mantras. According to me, if we chant these mantras sincerely believing in it, then we really get mental, physical and financial peace at the end.

Pranav Tripathi

Since I was a child you have been a great support. The positivity that I can feel staying around you is really peaceful and amazing. I belive , the knowledge you possess ,I don't thing any one would know anything more than you in spirituality. I remember the day in 2010 where I had lost contact of friend who had borrowed good amount of money and disappeared. It was a situation where I couldn't take any help even from family members and I ended up telling you the scenario. I can't forget the help you did to recover the amount. The best part is had to do almost nothing but to wait for him to come and give me the money back. Moreover, the guidences you provide are really clever and effective that they convince me all the time to follow them and reach desired success in easy manner. It dosn't only help to reach success but also inspires me to become more focused towards success and to achieve them. By relation I call you "MAMA" but i would like to also call you as "Mentor of My Life" i am really thankful for all your continues and kind support that will be valued , respected and cherished for life time.