Mumbai is the city of illusions… the City of Dreams… where thousands of people come every day to fulfill their dreams, become famous and earn lots of money. Mumbai is famous for Hindi Cinema.  Thousands of people are working in this film industry but only few become successful.  Life is a big struggle to survive in the city like Mumbai.

I, myself is well connected with Mumbai. I have many friends and well versed with Life and Struggle of Mumbai as I frequently visit Mumbai for my work. As Mumbai is metropolitan city, anything is easily available here. Mumbai is Glamarous and Flashy city, where people believe in fulfilling their leisurely wishes and enjoying life. In the fast life of Mumbai, people are generally very pratical in nature and they don’t have to interfere in the others life. Mumbai is the city that gives me the juiciest and interesting incidences to experience as the number of people who believe in Mantra – Tantra is high in Mumbai.

One of my friends from Mumbai asked me once, “One lady wants to meet you, will you meet her?” He hesitatingly informed me further that she works in bar as a Bar-Girl. In Mumbai there are several bars where bar girls dance on the tunes of Hindi Film songs and entertain customers. I said, if she is facing any problem in her life and if i will be of any help. then why not?

After few days, lady came to visit me. She introduced herself and told me, that she belongs to Calcutta. As she is a beautiful girl, she got into this business from very tender age, since then she is working as a bar-girl and earning good amount of money. Financially she is very sound and also bought a Bungalow in Mumbai. Her next sentence came to me as a surprise when she told me that she is staying with her parents and they only have pushed her in this profession of bar-girl. She told “I know there is a lot of money in this profession which is mentally torturing me. My mother is addicted to gambling and my father is a drunkard. I am tired of my entire situation and want to leave this and get rid of mental frustration.”.

She could not able to pursue education as she came in this profession at very young age. When I spoke to her I found she is a firm believer of Goddess Kaali and believes in Mantra – Tantra. While talking she opened her heart and said everything in detail very innocently. I explained her that there are two types of prosperity (Laxmi) – One is good prosperity (Laxmi) and second is bad prosperity (Alaxmi). Good prosperity (Laxmi) brings along happiness, success, achievements, peace and fame. Good prosperity is money earned with good and legal deeds. Bad prosperity (Alaxmi) brings along pain, sorrow, problems, illness, jealousy, unnecessary expenditure and restless life. Bad prosperity is money earned with non-ethical and illegal ways.

I asked her, what does she wants from Life? She replied, “I want to live peaceful and happy Life. I am tired of this situation. Please show the way-out, so that I can get rid of this Situation.” I inquired, does she have her horoscope? “Yes, I have and got it along with me” she replied. I examined her horoscope carefully and told her to wear Yellow Sapphire (Guru). Yellow Sapphire helps in acquiring knowledge and intelligence. I prescribed that to her as she was almost illiterate. Apart from wearing Sapphire I told her to chant ‘Hrim’ Goddess Saraswati’s Mantra for a month. As she was already a devotee of Goddess Kaali. she took all the suggested solution in an optimistic manner.

She started following the instructions and kept chanting ‘Hrim’, which have her eternal feeling of knowledge. She started feeling change in her attitude. She automatically started getting pulled towards better way of earning and leaving behind her profession as bargirl. She was earning 50,000 a days as a bargirl and it is difficult to adjust in lesser money. But she became mentally strong with Mantra-Tantra and ready to leave her profession as a bar-girl. She took 6 months to overcome her situation. She also started thinking about getting married and settling down in her life. With the grace of God she found simple guy of her native place Kolkata, she eventually married in a simple ceremony and settled in Calcutta.The guy earns merely Rs 5000 a month but they are happy. After almost a year to her marriage, one day  suddenly I recieved her call, she said ,”Thank you for giving me new life, I am thankful for your valuable guidance”. I told her, it’s nothing but her positive approach and faith which helped her in coming over her previous life. I sensed happiness in her voice.

To summarize this experiene i would say that achieveing high percentage in school or colleges is not knowledge. Worshipping Goddess Saraswati gives insight of knowledge and transformed the approach towards life.

I feel extremely happy for this lady as she beautifully came over her mental frustration with faith and belief in God. From 50,000 a day with wrong way of life and mental frustration to 5000 a month but happy, contented life her journey is been incredible.

This Mantra can be helpful in life, wherever life seems to be going on a wrong track. Only complete faith and belief is required to get proper grip on life.

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