Knowledge has a prominent place in life. The right use of knowledge evolves virtue and the ignorance evolves anger, jealousy etc.., very few people understand the difference between knowledge and ignorance. If the knowledge is gained for the betterment of society then it’s a true knowledge but it should not produce fear.

Once in my visit to Africa, one incidence had made an impression on me which had happened in my friend’s office. Once we were sitting in his office, where lots of people were working including local people who are known as ‘Habsi’. The speciality of these people is there rock solid and muscular bodies. Due to their body structure they are good in physical tasks. They can carry very heavy load, they can easily carry approximately 100 kgs on their body and move from one warehouse to other easily, they have unique style and experty to do this.

In one instant while carrying a heavy load, Habsi gentleman fractured his leg. My friend suggested him to go to doctor but he denied to go to doctor and asked 1500 Rs Indian Currency. My friend arranged for him to go and visit Witch Doctor and gave him the amount. I was stunned. The way his fractured it definately needed assistance of orthopedic. I know that medical treatment of Africa is expensive but Witch Doctor word put me in strange feeling. Then I got to know the way we have  Tantric in India, they have Witch Doctor.

Surprisingly the Habsi gentleman resumed back to work in just a week’s time and along with it he was doing his work of carrying load as fluently as he used to. This gentleman made me curious because the way his leg was fractured, it should have taken minimum one month to get healed. Everyone was surprised to see him and the way he was working flawlessly like before. We called him office and inquired about how did he get well so soon? He told us that he went to a Witch Doctor who knows WooDoo.  WooDoo is widely known by African People. They believe in it with complete faith. The gentleman gave us detailed information; that he visited the Witch Doctor, who asked him to bring one hen in exactly the same way his leg was fractured. Then he did Mantra and dressing on that hen’s leg which included his local medicines too. He left the hen free but under his supervision. Then as hen’s leg started getting well, the medicine started working, similarly it started working on his leg. In a week’s time hen’s leg was completely well and along with it even his leg was healed and here he was standing in front of us. I was taken by complete surprise with this unbelievable incident.

I got to know that the African people are very impressed with the knowledge of WooDoo and  lot of people missuse it for wrong reasons. For utter selfish reasons lot of people take help of WooDoo to spell black magic on other people. People here use WooDoo to earn money, attract women or to take revenge for personal disputes. You call it blind faith or magic but people in Africa are highly impressed by WooDoo. In some incidents it can be useful also,if used correctly just the way it happened in this gentleman’s case, it gave tremendous results in such a short period of time and money. But because of WooDoo’s misuse it has come under severe questions.

Knowledge gives birth to power, if this is used in correct way then it is knowledge but if used in  wrong way thenit takes the form if ignorance. WooDoo is also a science but the way it has been misused , it has become popular for all wrong reasonsin the world

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